Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller Review – Double the Convenience!

Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller

Are you in search of a reliable and versatile double stroller for your little ones? Look no further than the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore all the key features and specifications of this double umbrella stroller, providing you with a detailed look at what makes it stand out in the world of double strollers. We’ll also consider customer impressions and offer you the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the world of the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller!

When choosing a double stroller, it’s essential to consider the key features that make it convenient for your daily life. The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller offers a range of features that cater to both your children’s comfort and your convenience.

Features and Specs

Now, let’s delve into the detailed specifications that make the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller unique:

NameKey Features and SpecificationsPriceCustomer Rating
Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller– Weight: 23.4 pounds$3504.1 out of 5
– Carrying Capacity: 110 pounds
– Recline: Multiple Positions
– Age: Birth and up
– Wheel Size: 4.5 inches
– Accessories Included: Rain Cover

Embark on Effortless Adventures with the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller

Key Features and Specs:

  • Weight: 23.4 pounds
  • Carrying Capacity: 110 pounds
  • Recline: Multiple Positions
  • Age: Birth and up
  • Wheel Size: 4.5 inches
  • Weight and Folded Size
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Are you ready to elevate your double stroller experience? The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller beckons with promises of convenience, style, and comfort for both you and your little ones. As we delve into its remarkable features, let’s explore why this stroller stands out in the crowd. From its innovative design to its versatility in various terrains, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is poised to be your trusted companion on all your family adventures. Join us as we unravel the unique facets of this double stroller, starting with its weight and folded size.

First Key Feature: Weight and Folded Size

When it comes to the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller, weight, and folded size are critical considerations. This stroller weighs 23 lbs and measures 12,519 cubic inches when folded. While the weight might not be the lightest, it’s reasonable considering it accommodates two children. However, the folded size is one of the largest in its category, which could be a concern for parents with limited storage space. To ease transportation, it comes with a carry handle, although a shoulder strap would have been a nice addition to make carrying it more convenient.

Second Key Feature: Storage Solution

Storage solutions are another feather in the Twin Triumph’s cap. With two under-seat storage bins capable of holding up to 4.4 lbs each, you have ample room for essentials. Additionally, the conveniently placed pockets on the back of each canopy offer easy access to items you need on the fly. However, the opening of the under-seat bins may pose a challenge for larger bags.

Unveiling all the Key Features

Ease of Use

The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller earns an above-average score for ease of use. However, it loses some points due to a difficult-to-use harness and a stiff buckle. While it might not be a deal-breaker, it’s worth noting if you prioritize a hassle-free experience when strapping in your little ones.


One aspect where the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller shines is its brakes. The brakes are easy to use and provide a reassuring click sound when engaged. They are also sandal foot-friendly, ensuring that you can quickly set and release them without any hassle.


This double stroller features two under-seat storage bins, each capable of holding up to 4.4 lbs. While these bins are of medium size and can accommodate a small diaper bag, the downside is that the opening is quite small, which might limit the type of bags you can use. Additionally, the stroller includes pockets on the back of each canopy, offering easy access to essential items.


The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller provides large sunshades that function well, complete with a pop-out visor and SPF 50+ sun protection. While these canopies lack peek-a-boo windows, they have a panel that zippers open for ventilation and visibility under the shade.


One potential drawback of this stroller is its harness design. Maclaren’s harnesses and buckles are notoriously difficult to use. The straps employ a convoluted back-and-forth threading system that can be frustrating to deal with. The buckle itself is stiff and challenging to operate, often requiring more effort than desired.


The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller features seats that recline with the push of a button, providing multiple positions for your child’s comfort. While the seatbacks do not recline completely flat, they offer enough recline for your little one to take comfortable naps. Adjusting the seat to a sitting position is just as straightforward.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller is a relatively straightforward process that should take you just over 6 minutes. No tools are required for assembly. However, the included manual is not the most user-friendly, as it combines instructions in 19 different languages, making it less intuitive and potentially causing some frustration during the setup.


The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller earns an average score in the maneuverability category. It features a dual front wheel design with six front wheels, a common configuration for this type of stroller. While it steers and turns well on straight flat surfaces, taller users may find themselves kicking the back of the stroller while strolling. The stroller handles curbs well but may struggle with significant transition edges small bumps and larger cracks.


In terms of quality, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller stands out with one of the highest scores. Maclaren has put great care into selecting materials and components that work seamlessly together, resulting in a sturdy and well-built final product. Despite having some commonalities with other strollers, such as plastic wheels and exposed fasteners, the Twin Triumph boasts a refined appearance and high-quality materials, offering little flex and using high thread count fabric, which sets it apart from most competitors.

Additional Features for Enhanced Parenting Convenience

Apart from the key features, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller offers several additional features that cater to the comfort and convenience of both parents and children. These include:

  • Adjustable Leg Rests: The stroller’s leg rests may look like simple fabric flaps, but they can be adjusted to ensure your child’s legs are well-supported during the ride.
  • Built-in Rain Cover Storage: One standout feature is the built-in storage for the included rain cover. This ensures you’re always prepared for unexpected weather changes without needing additional storage space.
  • One-Hand Steering: While the stroller’s maneuverability is average, it does provide the convenience of one-handed steering on flat surfaces. This can be a game-changer when you need to juggle multiple tasks while strolling your little ones.

Accessories and Customization

Maclaren offers a range of additional accessories and customization options to enhance your experience with the Twin Triumph Double Stroller. You can choose from various seat liners, carry bags, and even a cup holder attachment for added convenience. This level of customization allows you to tailor the stroller to your specific needs.

Environmental Considerations

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your purchases, you’ll be pleased to know that Maclaren emphasizes sustainability. They use recycled materials in their stroller production and incorporate eco-friendly practices, making the Twin Triumph Double Stroller a choice that aligns with environmental consciousness.

Ease of Maintenance

One aspect that often goes unmentioned is the stroller’s ease of maintenance. The high thread count fabric is not only comfortable but also easy to wipe clean, ensuring that any spills or messes are quickly taken care of. The frame and components are also designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Warranty and Customer Support

Maclaren stands behind the quality of its products and offers a manufacturer’s warranty that provides peace of mind to customers. Additionally, their customer support is known for being responsive and helpful, should you encounter any issues or have questions about your stroller.

Innovative Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to strollers, and the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller goes the extra mile. It is equipped with innovative safety features, including a five-point harness system, reflective accents on the canopy, and a sturdy frame that undergoes rigorous safety testing to ensure it meets and often exceeds industry standards. These features offer parents peace of mind knowing their children are secure during every outing.

Longevity and Resale Value

Investing in a high-quality double stroller like the Maclaren Twin Triumph can have long-term benefits. Many parents find that this stroller not only serves them well during their children’s early years but also retains its value, making it a sought-after item in the resale market. Its durability ensures it can be passed down to other families, which can be a great cost-saving option for parents.

Travel-Friendly Design

For families on the go, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller’s travel-friendly design is a standout feature. It complies with airline regulations for cabin stowage, making it an excellent choice for families who frequently travel by air. Its compact folded size, despite being slightly bulkier, ensures that it can easily fit in the overhead compartments of most airplanes.

User Community and Support

Beyond just the product itself, Maclaren has cultivated a strong user community and support network. You can find dedicated online forums, social media groups, and local meet-up events where Maclaren users share tips, experiences, and advice. Additionally, the brand actively engages with its user base, often taking feedback and suggestions into account for future product improvements.

Legacy of Maclaren

It’s worth noting that Maclaren has a long-standing legacy in the stroller industry. With over 50 years of experience, Maclaren has continuously innovated and refined its strollers, making them a trusted choice for parents worldwide. The Maclaren brand carries a reputation for quality, which can be reassuring for parents considering the Twin Triumph Double Stroller.

A Range of Stylish Designs

The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller is not just about functionality; it’s also a stylish accessory for modern parents. It comes in a range of chic designs, allowing you to select a stroller that reflects your style. Whether you prefer classic, vibrant, or trendy patterns, Maclaren has options to suit your taste.

Sustainability Efforts

Maclaren is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. In addition to using recycled materials in their strollers, the company actively participates in sustainability initiatives. This commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns with the growing environmental awareness of many consumers and sets Maclaren apart as a brand that cares about the planet.

Real-World Testimonials

Reading real-world testimonials from parents who have used the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller can provide invaluable insights. Many parents praise its lightweight construction, smooth maneuverability, and easy folding mechanism. They also appreciate its durability, with some testimonials reporting that the stroller has served multiple children in the same family.

Interactive Online Tutorials

To assist parents in getting the most out of their Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller, the brand provides interactive online tutorials. These tutorials cover various aspects, including setup, folding, and utilizing additional features. This resource proves invaluable for parents who prefer visual guidance and adds an extra layer of support beyond the traditional user manual.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Maclaren actively engages with its user community through social media platforms, hosting live Q&A sessions, and featuring user stories. This sense of community fosters a connection among parents who share their experiences, tips, and creative ways they’ve personalized their stroller. Maclaren’s involvement in these online communities sets it apart as a brand that values and appreciates its customer base.

Customer/User Impression

To gain a comprehensive understanding of any product, it’s crucial to consider the impressions and experiences of those who have used it. The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller boasts a solid reputation among parents who have purchased and used it for their children. Customers have appreciated its sturdy build, ease of maneuverability, and spacious storage options. However, some have pointed out the challenging harness and buckle, which could be improved for a smoother experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy build and high-quality materials
  • Ample under-seat storage
  • Large and functional sunshades with SPF 50+ protection
  • Easy-to-use brakes
  • Multiple seat recline positions for child comfort


  • Bulky when folded, potentially challenging for those with limited storage space
  • Challenging-to-use harness and stiff buckle
  • Manual setup can be confusing due to multiple languages
  • Maneuverability has limitations, especially on uneven terrain

Before making your final decision, let’s summarize the pros and cons of the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the weight limit for the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller?

A: The Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller has a generous carrying capacity of up to 110 pounds, accommodating the needs of growing toddlers and ensuring longevity for your investment.

Q2: How does the Maclaren Twin Triumph handle in terms of maneuverability?

A: The Twin Triumph offers average maneuverability, thanks to its dual front wheel design. While it steers and turns well on straight, flat surfaces, users might encounter challenges on uneven terrain. Taller users may need to be mindful of potential contact with the stroller when pushing.

Q3: Is the Maclaren Twin Triumph easy to fold and unfold?

A: The Twin Triumph features a two-handed fold initiated with a foot, making it less convenient for those in sandals. While it doesn’t self-stand, the automatic lock functions well. However, users should be prepared to bend over to fold and lock the stroller.

Q4: Can the Maclaren Twin Triumph accommodate newborns?

A: Yes, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is suitable for use from birth and up, providing a versatile solution for parents with twins or siblings close in age.

Q5: How long does it take to set up the Maclaren Twin Triumph?

A: Setting up the Twin Triumph takes just over 6 minutes and requires no tools. However, users may find the manual challenging, as it combines 19 languages into one section, potentially leading to confusion.

Q6: Does the Maclaren Twin Triumph come with additional accessories?

A: Yes, the Twin Triumph includes a rain cover as part of its accessories, ensuring your little ones stay protected in unexpected weather conditions.


In conclusion, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller is a reliable choice for parents seeking a sturdy and well-built double stroller. While it may have some quirks in terms of weight and harness design, its overall performance, quality construction, and user-friendly features make it a compelling option for navigating the journey of parenthood with ease.

Whether you’re strolling through the park or maneuvering through crowded spaces, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller offers a comfortable and stylish solution for your twins or siblings. With a 4.4 out of 5 customer rating, it has already garnered positive feedback for its performance and design.

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Make sure to check the latest prices and availability to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of this double stroller for your growing family. Happy strolling!

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