The Ultimate Urbini Swiftli Stroller Review: A Parent’s Must-Read Guide

Urbini Swiftli Stroller is a Walmart-exclusive stroller brand that’s owned by Goodbaby, the Chinese baby good behemoth that would claim to be the world’s biggest baby gear maker. The corporate made nearly all the strollers and car seats for Dorel (Safety 1st, Cosco, Quinny) until recently.

Not to merely design and manufacture baby gear for other companies, Good Baby has gone on a purchasing spree in recent years. First, they snapped up Cybex then, in 2014, Evenflo.

At the equivalent time, Goodbaby has decided to sell the products directly, under both the Urbini and GB brands. Urbini is exclusive to Walmart, while the GB is sold in all other stores.

Urbini Swiftli Stroller Review

The Urbini label has 4 main stroller offerings:

urbini stroller

Urbini’s Omni Plus Travel System: 3-in-1 travel system ($200, 22 lbs.) features an infant seat (the Sonti), and it is a multi-function stroller with a reversible seat. The infant seat works from 4-35 lbs. with the four-position base preemie and recline body-supported pillow. The Sonti even also has some side impact protection (deep side walls lined with EPS foam).

Urbini’s Tourni Travel System: Travel system with the same infant seat (Sonti) paired with an umbrella-style stroller for $110. Tourni stroller features a large canopy with shade, a multi-position reclining seat, and a cup holder.

Urbini’s Avi all-terrain stroller: This $160-$230 model features air-filled wheels, one-hand quick self-standing fold, and a two-position canopy. It’s sold as a stand-alone stroller or as a part of a travel system ($300).

Urbini’s latest travel system is the EMI, a full-sized stroller that can be sold as a travel system with Sonti for $200-$250. Urbini bills this particular stroller as their luxury model, complete with quick fold, fully reclining seat, and oversized canopy and storage basket.


Its seat compatibility feature makes it a pleasant stroller for newborns – you’ll carry your newborn by attaching an infant seat.

These features also because the stroller’s lightweight and durable build make the Urbinit Swiftli reasonably decent for just $70.

So if you’re checking out a reasonable, seat-compatible stroller for everyday use, the Urbini Swiftli should definitely be top on your list!

The Omni is clearly the best-selling stroller within the Urbini line. Most impressive is, it is one of the lowest-price models I’ve seen with a reversible seat.

The Urbini Omni seems to be getting a poor man’s UPPAbaby Vista ($780, with bassinet) or Britax B-Ready ($350). Most parents’ feedback on this model has been positive, with fans citing its overall simple use (opening, closing).

Detractors mean there’s no separate base for the infant seat, and therefore the fabric on the stroller doesn’t remove for cleaning.


  • Parent Cup Holder
  • Car Seat Compatible
  • Large Extendable Bassinet
  • Multi-Recline Feature
  • Very Affordable


  • No Child Tray Feature
  • Only Compatible with the Sonti Car Seat

Detailed Breakdown of PROof Urbini Swiftli Stroller

Parent Cup Holder: Not all strollers accompany a parent cup holder. So this is often a pleasure to possess addition.

Car Seat Compatible: one of the most pros of the Urbini Swiftli is its seat compatibility. You’ll transform your stroller into a full travel system.

Very Affordable: the most pro of the Urbini Swiftli stroller is that it’s very affordable at slightly below $70. This is often a very good pro because it is super hard to seek out full-size strollers at such a price

Large Extendable Bassinet: an outsized stroller bassinet protects and provides your baby with more coverage.

Multi-Recline Feature: A multi-recline feature is usually professional because it provides your child with extra comfort.

Urbini Swiftli Stroller

No Child Tray Feature: The Urbini Swiftli stroller comes with a toddler arm bar but doesn’t leave a toddler tray. As a parent, you usually find it nice to possess a toddler tray for your kid to carry their snacks and drinks.

Only Compatible with the Sonti Car Seat: Although the stroller is seat compatible, you’ll only use it with the Urbini Sonti seat. If you have already got a seat, then this won’t be ideal as you’d need to purchase a replacement seat for the stroller.

Urbini Swiftli Stroller Features ⚙️

Child Weight: The Urbini stroller is sturdy enough to hold a child’s weight of up to 50 lbs. It’s important to stay within the recommended weight limit while picking a stroller for your kid. So I’d advise only to consider this stroller if your toddler weighs 50 lbs. or less.

Lightweight Full-Size Stroller: The Urbini Swiftli stroller may be a nice lightweight option for an everyday full-size stroller at 21 lbs. Although it’s not as light as your regular lightweight stroller with few features, it’s quite light compared to most full-size strollers within the market. You’d usually find a variety of 24 – 30 lbs. for many full-size strollers.

Car Seat Compatible:  A very nice feature of the Urbini Swiftli stroller is that it accepts car seats. So you’ll have a full travel system by pairing it with a compatible seat. It accepts the Urbini Sonti seat without having a seat adapter.

5-Point Harness: This stroller seat features a 5-point harness to stay your baby nicely tucked into the stroller seat.

New-born Stroller: The stroller is often transformed into a new-born compatible stroller by attaching the Urbini Sonti seat. Once your baby is older, you’ll switch to using the stroller seat.

Multi-Position Recline: The stroller seat also features multi-position reclines that let your baby adjusts the seat into easier positions. This provides additional comfort for your kid, whether or not they want to take a seat upright or lay back for a nap.

Stroller Basket: The stroller includes a storage basket to assist with storing your on-the-go items. However, probably to take care of its lightweight, the Urbini stroller basket is sort of small compared to other full-size strollers.

Extendable Canopy: The stroller features a two-panel extendable canopy that permits you to adjust the quantity of coverage your child needs. Tons of oldsters are proud of this feature as they find it nice and cozy for when their baby is sleeping.

Parent Cup Holder: Got to hold your drink while taking an extended walk together with your baby? This stroller comes with a pleasant parent cup holder only for that. Really nice feature tons of oldsters wish to have.

Over to You

The Urbini Swiftli stroller may be a nice, quality, affordable stroller for everyday use. It includes features like – seat compatibility, multi-position recline, and a 5-point harness. Then far, it’s received much regeneration from parents who purchased and used it. The conclusion of this review is that it’s definitely one of the highest picks of all Urbini strollers! If you’re trying to find an inexpensive yet top-quality stroller, the Urbini Swiftli stroller may be a nice place to start out.

That’s it for a full Urbini Swiftli stroller review. This review has been created using data collected on different forums, store reviews, and merchandise features. I have given you adequate information to assist you in creating your purchase decision.

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